Rescuing Girls out of Voodoo Temples

In Benin, Africa, young girls are sold by their own families to Voodoo priests because they are unable to pay for Voodoo rituals and do not want a curse placed upon their family. Between the ages of 8 and 12, these girls are forced to marry this "holy" man and are stuck in a life of bondage and servitude (also being sex slaves). A pastor friend of ours, Michael, has been rescuing a handful of these girls from these temples. Sometimes he's able to pay a bribe for freedom but often times he ends up kidnapping the girl.

After this life threatening rescue, Michael places the girls with a Christian family for healing and discipleship. Michael recently spent several weeks in the hospital with a fatal illness. We recently spoke at Calvary Church in Chicago and they gave enough money to assist Michael to receive proper medical care just in the nick of time. He is doing much better. Please continue to pray for him and his healing. We are sending Pastor Michael monthly support to assist him in rescuing more girls out of this horrific situation and to bring them a life of hope in Jesus.

Water walkers get out of the boat. Trust Jesus & have faith. Choose growth over comfort. Take a risk-Don't stay in the boat!

by Holly Lei Baker