Sponsor A Child

The gift of sponsorship:

The most important gift you can give to a child is a monthly sponsorship and relationship with yourself.  A monthly donation provides food, shelter, clothing, anti-retroviral medication (if they are HIV positive), school fees, and other basic necessities.  Your sponsorship will help change the lives of orphans, widows, and girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking.  A sponsor is a person who commits to do three things:

  1. Pray for Your Child – Once you become a sponsor, you will receive information about your child’s testimony, health, background, and daily life.  We encourage you to immediately start praying for your child as often as possible.
  2. Encourage Your Child – With your monthly donation, we encourage you to write to your child and they will write back three or more times a year.  Once signed up, you will receive information about how to write to them.
  3. Monthly Support – On average, it requires about $120 per month to care for one of our girls.  We typically find eight sponsors for each child at $15 per sponsor.  Here are some of the cost to take care of them:
    • Housing: $18.00
    • Food, clothing and other basic necessities: $12.00
    • Anti-retroviral medication/ other medical: $30.00
    • School Fees/Books: $5.00
    • Staff: $55.00

We ask for at least a one year commitment and you can continue to give after that until you tell us otherwise.

How to get started:

Thank you for your willingness to sponsor a child through Kesitah International Ministries. Please call or email us so that we may match you with our current orphan, widows and sex trafficking victims that need sponsors. You also have the option of paying online every month.

Here are some examples of girls that need sponsors:

Sia Fallah [Daughters of the King]

siafallahSia is an eighteen year old young lady that was rescued from a brothel in Freetown, Sierra Leone.  She is now being cared for by a Christian Women’s Ministry and lives in a safehouse where she is putting her life back together.  She writes the following:

“My whole family was killed during the war.  I had no one to help me.  I had a choice:  either steal or join prostitution for my daily bread.  So at thirteen, I started sex work.

At the beginning of 2010 the Women’s Ministry came to our brothel establishments and told us the way to Jesus.  They said we should not live this way and that knowing Jesus is very important.  I was tormented when I found out my sin and tears were running on my face.  I decided to leave this prostitution and become a Daughter of the King.”

Avuvie [Shekels Of Silver]

avuvieBenin is a small country in western Africa.  It is most well known for being the country where Voodoo started.  There are more than 3000 girls trapped as temple prostitutes in Benin and Togo as temple slaves.  These young virgin girls are often given to the Voodoo idol gods by their parents or other family members.  Once the transaction takes place, they are now known as Vudusi (Voodoosi) meaning wives or slaves of the gods.  Pastor Michael has started rescuing these girls (a first in this country) and Avuvie tells the following story:

Avuvie: "I am not sure how I ended up in the temple nor even my age but only that I was serving in the shrine as a dancer. I was also a temple prostitute who had to perform sex for male folks and most times by the children of the voodoo priest.  I was told that I was being groomed for a future wife to the shrine."

Michael: "Rescuing this girl was not an easy task because of the security wherever she goes.  You may not see them but someone is watching.  We tried several times and failed and one of our church members was caught and was accused of trying to give out the girl to boys.  In addition, since we do not have our own mobility, the vehicle drivers that we hire often become afraid and intimidated and leave us to our own fate.  Finally, a woman volunteered to go to the temple and pretend to consult the spirits and made off with the child."

Avuvie: "I was just recently rescued but soon hope to return to school.  I enjoy sports and drawing.  I am staying with the pastor and help with some household chores such as cleaning the house."

Michael: "We have contacted the mother of the child but she has yet to visit her daughter.  Avuvie is learning very fast.  She is in need of some urgent medical treatment and has viral hepatitis."

Umu A Jalloh [Daughters of the King]

umuajallohUmu is a sixteen year old young lady that was rescued from a brothel in Freetown, Sierra Leone.  She is now being cared for by a Women’s Ministry and lives in a safehouse where she is putting her life back together.  She writes the following:

“My parents were killed during the war by rebel soldiers.  When they came into the house, I hid under the bed.  I think I was six.  I came out and looked through the window and saw that they had tied everyone of my family to tires and then lit the tires on fire.  I was crying in the house for a long time after they left.  A woman came to the house that had just lost her husband and children and took me as her own.  When the war ended we traveled to the city and stayed at a refugee camp called Grafton.  After some time, when I was twelve, this woman said I needed to start doing the prostitution like the other girls my age.  She soon died of HIV/AIDS and so I moved out of this place and into a brothel.  I was blessed to meet some women this past year that spoke to me about stopping this prostitution.  They said I should join them at church and serve the Lord.  I was moved by what they said and I listened to them.  I am now a Daughter of the King and make greeting cards.  I am looking for someone to sponsor me so I don’t have to turn back to my former experience.  God bless you – Umu A Jalloh.”