Orphan Cards

Greeting Cards made by children affected by War, AIDS and Slavery

That's Who I W.A.S.

The pictures on the front of these cards are prints from original drawings by orphans affected by the worst atrocities of our world: W.A.S. (War, AIDS, Slavery).  Through sponsorships, donations, and the sale of these cards over 700 children are being helped through our Orphans and Widow Ministry.  Over 80% of the purchase price of this card goes directly to the child and their caregiver. The purchase of these cards provides food, clothing, shelter, anti-viral medications, school uniforms and fees, and even calves for them to raise as they get older.  But even more importantly, through your assistance, these children are coming to know Jesus Christ ... who will give them an eternal life that is far beyond any physical assistance we could ever give them.

writing cards

This boy (left) is drawing cards where he lives up on the Kenya/Sudan border. Most of our work in Kenya and Zambia helps children that have lost parents to AIDS.  Around 2/3rds of the children we assist have lost at least one parent to the AIDS virus and 25% of these orphans are HIV positive themselves.  Anti-viral medications keep many of them alive.

AminataAminata (right) lost both of her parents in a civil war a decade ago in Sierra Leone. Her parents sought refuge in a Christian church in her community, but Aminata and other children hid with the pastor in his house. The church was burned to the ground by rebel soldiers.  Many of the children have seen mothers molested, fathers killed and brothers dismembered or forced to become child soldiers.

sample card

Our work employs girls that were formerly sex slaves. The girls that make these cards have been rescued from brothels and the sex slave trade.  The purchase of these cards allows these young ladies to earn a living and have a trade in the safe houses that they live in.

After rescuing children from these atrocities, and watching these children’s lives completely change, we now are able to hear them say “That’s who I was.”

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*Rescued trafficking victims in a Mumbai shelter take art therapy: a young victim's self portrait.