Sierra Leone

Daughters of the King

girlsKesitah International Ministries first started rescuing girls out of sex trafficking in this country.  We have been working here since 2008 with orphans and widows that have lost fathers and husbands to the civil war that shattered their country from 1991 until 2003.  In the early part of 2010, the widows that we assist started visiting brothels in the capital city of Freetown – knowing of our desire to rescue girls that were trapped in this lifestyle.  Every Wednesday, the madams of two different establishments allowed our widows to go in and share Jesus Christ with these young ladies.  Some of the girls were as young as eleven and a few had been involved in prostitution since they were nine.  All were minors and they all wanted out.  The madams said they would let the girls go free for $60 a head.  We sent $350 and they were able to get seven girls out.  We immediately gave these girls a new trade – they were now artists - making greeting card designs.  By the time we sent $1100, they had rescued 32 girls.  We asked the widows how this was possible, and they told us that the madam is now setting the girls free for no charge because they are doing the work of the Lord – making Christian greeting cards.

Now these girls have been given a new name – “Daughters of the King.”  They are living in their new palace - a huge home on the side of a hill overlooking the ocean.  This home is a “safe house” that is ran by the widows of the church.  There are now 60 girls in the home. Most of them have returned to school and a few of them are being treated for AIDS.  Here are a few of their stories:


ishaIsha is a fifteen year old young lady that was rescued from a life of prostitution in Freetown, Sierra Leone.  She is now being cared for by the Women’s Ministry of the Church of God (7th Day) and lives in a safehouse where she is putting her life back together.  She writes the following:

“When I was very young (I don’t remember my age, maybe 5 or 6), both of my parents were put to death.  I did not start school but was taken to a refugee camp known as the Shell – Living with People for Survival.  I stayed there for quite some time but left when I was eleven.  I thought I could do better than this dead end.  So at eleven I took to prostitution and street life.  In the early part of 2010 some women from a church started coming on the streets and telling me about Jesus and the way to eternal life.  They invited me to their church and later advised me to leave this prostitution.  But the first question I asked was if they really could be able to take care of me.  If the answer was “yes” then I would leave the street life.  After I joined their project, they made it possible to make greeting cards with the drawings and paintings that we produce.  They also helped me to write down these words as I have never been to school.  I would hope to some day.”



“I did not know my father.  My mother was once a prostitute.  She encountered me with pregnancy when she was doing prostitution.  My uncle explained the whole story about my mother.  She did die just after she delivered me.  According to my uncle, he said she died with HIV/AIDS.

My uncle started taking care of me when I was a baby.  His wife cared for me so much that she took me as her own daughter.  They sent me to school and they encouraged me to not be discouraged about my family situation.

When I was eleven, my uncle and his wife died in a sea accident.  Their body was not found.  Life became tough and difficult for me. I decided to meet people to help them with work to get my living.  One day I met a girl in the street and she persuaded me in this prostittution.  We both moved and lived in a brothel home.

However, I am very lucky when the women ministry came and tell us about God and the way to Jesus.  When they explain to me about sins I wept a lot and I think I was lost. I decided to live with the (DOK). I am now with them and doing drawing and painting.  We also thank Brian Baker for his love and concern towards the Daughters of King.  May God help some one who can wipe my tears…”


“When I was young (less than seven), my parents were killed by rebel soldiers in our country.  I was then raped by these men and forced to serve them.  Before too much time passed, a friend of my mother’s helped me escape and flee to Freetown where we lived as displaced citizens.  Life was difficult but made worse because the lady that brought me to the city died of cancer after a few years.  I then did the only thing I knew how and that was join myself in prostitution in order to get food in my hand.  I worked at a brothel until a Women’s Ministry in Sierra Leone contacted me.

“In the early part of 2010 the ladies came to my brothel home and told us about Jesus Christ and the way to eternal life.  They invited us to their church and later advised us to leave this prostitution.  I made the decision to trust them and go with them after they made arrangements with the manager of the brothel.  After I joined their project, they made it possible to make greeting cards with the drawings and paintings that we produce.  Thank you for sponsoring me - Yours in Christ Jesus - Zainab."


The future is now very bright for these young ladies.  They are trying to catch up in school, still making greeting cards and pictures that can be framed for purchase (see orphan cards tab).  In 2012, we intend to start a day and night care center for the girls to start babysitting infants and small children of other women that are still in the prostitution trade.