Shekels Of Silver

The Sex Trafficking Ministry of Kesitah International Ministries

Human Trafficking has existed since the beginning of time.  In the first book of the Bible, Joseph was sold by his own brothers for twenty shekels of silver (about $200 by today’s standards) – Genesis 37:28.  But Joseph’s slavery eventually led to the redemption and salvation of those same brothers and the Hebrew Race.  God had a plan for the slavery that he endured.

SOS is an internationally recognized distress code – a call for help.  Here at Kesitah, we do more than listen to that call – we take action to come alongside individuals and organizations already in the field rescuing victims of sex trafficking.  We work in Sierra Leone, Benin and India in all facets of Sex Slavery.

When money is exchanged for the ownership of one individual to another – Human Trafficking has occurred, regardless of whether these individuals have crossed territorial borders.  Additionally, anytime a minor is involved in prostitution (by both forced and unforced coercion), by definition this also falls under “Sex Trafficking” because a minor cannot give legal consent to engage in sex (this also is statutory rape).  Once this monetary exchange takes place, the victim is now enslaved in a lifestyle not to their choosing.  Shekels have been replaced by shackles.

Sex Trafficking normally starts out with deception but soon evolves into a constant cycle of rape, beatings, threats, confinement and living in inhumane conditions.  Most sex trafficking victims will service between five and thirty customers per day.  Victims are often malnourished, sleep deprived, suffer emotional and physical abuse in addition to the daily sexual abuse.  Forced abortions, STD’s, Hepatitis, and AIDS are eventual outcomes to these young ladies.  Some girls even commit suicide when it becomes apparent that they will never be able to escape.  Unfortunately, up to 27 million people alive today are victims of Human Trafficking.

Here at Kesitah, we believe that victims of sex trafficking are worth more than a handful of shekels. Please join with us in rescuing these girls as we see their eternal value.