Brian and Holly
It is our passion to raise awareness of sex trafficking worldwide.  Our hearts have been broken for the orphaned, the poor, and victims of injustice.  We believe their silent cries and stories need to be heard.  We want to inspire others to find their place and give themselves to the poor and suffering children of the world. [ James 1:27]

Our Mission

Our Mission is to rescue those affected by slavery, introduce them to Jesus Christ, and give them hope and value, so that they can fulfill their destiny, free of pain and suffering.
[Isaiah 61:1]

Lea Philippe

Lea PhilippeLea is teaming up with Kesitah International Ministries to be our Internationa Project Manager. Lea will be traveling stateside to give presentations in churches to raise awareness and finances. She will also reside overseas part of the year to assist Kesitah with new projects and give support to our orphans and widows.

Lea J. Philippe is the first of seven children born to Lucien and Bernadette Philippe. She is the mother of two beautiful young adult daughters, and the grandmother to the love of her life, Gabriel Lee. Lea is best known for her warmth and genuine love for people. She is an ordained minister and is very active in her local church as a psalmist, minister of worship, and teacher. She also has a passion for outreach ministry. She have traveled to Nigeria, West Africa to do ministry and missions work; and God has blessed her to complete two mission tours in Haiti.

What is Kesitah?

Kesitah comes from the book of Job. When Job’s life was restored, friends and family comforted and consoled him and gave him kesitah – something of unknown value. Likewise, when a child is rescued from tragic circumstances, Kesitah International Ministries desires to restore and bring value back into their lives.