Brian and Holly
It is our passion to raise awareness of sex trafficking worldwide.  Our hearts have been broken for the orphaned, the poor, and victims of injustice.  We believe their silent cries and stories need to be heard.  We want to inspire others to find their place and give themselves to the poor and suffering children of the world. [ James 1:27]

Our Mission

Our Mission is to rescue those affected by slavery, introduce them to Jesus Christ, and give them hope and value, so that they can fulfill their destiny, free of pain and suffering.
[Isaiah 61:1]

Brian Baker

Brian BakerBrian has been involved in international missions since 1993 after his first trip to Kenya, Africa, to build a school in a small village.  Today, this grade school is still fully operational with approximately 175 students which includes 40 orphans.  Brian is involved in helping with the building of seven orphan projects, supporting three schools and several safe houses, while raising funds for more than 700 orphans and widows and 60 girls rescued out of sex trafficking.

There have been many divine appointments in Brian’s life that have birthed in his heart the ministry of rescuing orphans, widows and victims of sex slavery.  In 1996, Brian spent a month in India where he met Mother Theresa just a year and a half before she died.  The time spent with her was a life changing event God used to open his eyes to the extreme poverty and abuse occurring daily around the world.

In January 2005, personal tragedy struck Brian’s life. At the time he was reading the book of Job.  "The Lord’s intervention in Job’s life taught me valuable lessons from Job 42:10 & 11 (NLT).  'When Job prayed for his friends, the LORD restored his fortunes.  In fact, the LORD gave him twice as much as before!  Then all his brothers, sisters and former friends came and feasted with him in his home.  And they consoled him and comforted him because of all the trials the LORD had brought against him.  And each of them brought him a gift of money (Kesitah, a Hebrew word meaning something of unknown value) and a gold ring.'"

God birthed Kesitah, an International Rescue Ministry.  With contacts that Brian has made over the years in Kenya and Zambia, he was able to start raising support for hundreds of children who had lost parents to AIDS, with about 25% of them being HIV positive themselves.  Over time, he started including both orphans and widows that had lost parents and spouses to war.  By 2010, Brian started working with teenage girls that had ended up in brothels, being slaves to the human trafficking industry. Children that lose parents are helpless and seen as a burden to society.  They are “throw-away” kids that live on the streets begging for scraps.  But their Heavenly Father sees them as so much more.  To Him, they are Kesitah, they are priceless and have great value.

Holly Baker

Holly BakerAnointed, victorious and vibrant, Holly has words of encouragement for women in every phase of their life.  A passion for the Word of God gave her the tools she needed to face life’s trials and become the overcomer that God calls us to be.

Holly was raised in a Christian home, called into ministry at 14 and graduated Bible College at 20.  She pursued God’s calling on her life for the next 20 years as she traveled across the United States for several years as part of an evangelistic team and held pastoral/staff positions at several churches.  She has been in full time ministry all of her adult life touching lives of every age.

Holly has suffered the heartaches of the storms of life and walked through the valley of forgiveness.  Tried and refined by fire, she has a reservoir of experience in every facet of life that helps her minister to the spiritually and emotionally hurting women of our complex society. Holly speaks with compassion and knowledge that only comes out of an encounter with God that restores your soul.

“The Holy Spirit walked me through the darkness I experienced and He is restoring seven-fold what the devil has stolen as I launch into new ministries that I never even dreamed possible.”

Holly also has a heart and passion to make women and churches aware of the sex trafficking industry in our world where thousands of children and women are sold into the sex trade every day.  She is actively involved with bringing help and support to safe houses around the world where children and women are rescued, restored and presented with the Good News of the gospel.

Since her first overseas trip at 15, Holly has had a desire for missions and helping others around the world.  She sees the value in each person as she reaches the world one life at a time.  She is involved with rescuing those affected by slavery and poverty and giving them hope so they can fulfill their destiny free of pain and suffering.  Her goal is to elevate lives by ministering hope and adding value to lives around the world.

Holly is married to her best friend, Brian and they have four children: Chase, Zechariah, Camry and Aliya.

What is Kesitah?

Kesitah comes from the book of Job. When Job’s life was restored, friends and family comforted and consoled him and gave him kesitah – something of unknown value. Likewise, when a child is rescued from tragic circumstances, Kesitah International Ministries desires to restore and bring value back into their lives.